Angle of Repose

Artistic license…

When you decide to move a stone wall.

Then paint it out all together.

When the raking light of an afternoon
reveals itself as moonlight.

When the single light bulb, left burning inside,
is distracting from that deliciously cavernous dark of the stable.

And the winged white of the hay loft door
needs to be flung decidedly wide open
to echo the deep rich ivory of the horns.

When the sky is clear
and then there are clouds.

When the road fences in the pasture
and then it is gone.

When the grass is greener
in someone else’s painting.

And when, after a very late night of working at the easel,
you open the studio door
and the glory of the northern sky
reveals that all along
it has been the muses at play…
and down upon you…
the constellation of Taurus
is just a shinin’ away.