Brickyard Tea

This is an old Vineyard landmark that is very well hidden.
It took three of us to find it.
Ted to introduce me to Mr. Harris… and to ride shot gun,
while P.G. acted as co-pilot and tour guide,
and me to drive (grateful for the sturdy 4-wheel truck)
as we navigated through pastures,
over stone walls,
and past guarding dogs,
down treacherously washed out and overgrown lanes,
and out into the clearing on the edge of the ocean…
to the brickyard.
I’ll have to leave it to you to pin P.G. down for the history lesson.
He’s a treasure trove of Vineyard knowledge.
And if you ever get the true gift of Ted’s company, back seat or no, you’ll be privy to the rest of the island’s story…
and some fine Yankee hospitality to boot.
Both these magnificent men have roots that live deep in the soul of this island’s sand…
and I am grateful for their sharp memories and generous spirits.
They are the best resource this artist could have…
and truly
good company.
PS – The crusty old iron structure behind the teacup is rumored to be the original door from the brick furnace rising in the background. You’ll have to see Chris Morse to get that story.