Coast Guard Crow

If you stand in front of the painting, Looking Back,
and look very far to the right,
beyond Larsen’s,
way past the edge of the panel…
you can just see the end of the row of those old fishing shacks,
out to the Coast Guard Building.

Now turn around and trudge your way along the slippy sandy way,
back to, and across, the parking lot for the bike ferry,
where there is a tiny footpath.

The trail takes you up and over a dune
and down to the water’s edge,
where it looks a lot more like a working fisherman’s haven.

Lots of boats
in pieces
and  piles,
with a tide line of seaweed and shellfish debris,
be careful where you step,
but take a moment to stop and look up.

Again with the lesson,
to look back,
every color of that sunset
will be there to astonish,
even if the wind
is chopping that water,
and, back along the basin,
out behind the shacks,
she’s blowing up wisps of sea angels.