Finding Abstraction

This was originally painted for a group show out in Denver at Gallery 1261.
When Chris called to fill me in on the details she said it was going to be titled, Finding Abstraction.


Not exactly my…forgive me…cup of tea.
But I for some reason I immediately thought of Jackson Pollock.
I went to the internet to refresh my art history
and to see if he was considered “abstract” enough at the time he was working
to be true to the theme of this show.

One of my favorite scenes from the movie, Pollock, which stars Ed Harris
was when he first starts painting on the garage floor.
The way he discovers exactly what viscosity to make the paint
in order to get that drip thing just right.

I had the premise…
now for the props.
I am here to tell you that it not as easy as it looks
to get a reliable and controllable …drip.
And please put the big tailed Bernese Mt. Dog outside in the yard
before you try this at home.

But the funniest part of this painting was that right in the middle of working on it…
my easel began to shake. I yelled at Finn to stop scratching
but when I looked down…she was asleep.
The shaking continued and, having been through one once before,
I recognized an earthquake.
Remember the one last year that shook up and down the east coast?

Yep, it rattled and rolled right on through and past the studio.
After it was over and the confirming  emails and alerts had died down
I looked back up at the still life to discover the postcard had bounced off of it’s perch.

The only casualty… the teacup was spared
and even the magnifying glass remained upright.

I took it as a sign that J thought his paintings “looked” better on the floor.