Lucky Finn

There’s some solid island royalty referenced in this one.
Touchstones to a legend.

After the first two paintings with the antique wooden lures,
I wanted to let them tell a different story.
A somewhat taller tale.

I dragged the wooden paneling which Fred had cobbled together decades ago,
and into which I had mounted the brass porthole that Herb had polished up,
and untied the fishing rod from its perch over my easel.
But it wasn’t working.

So I called Chris.
“Can you find me an old fishing vest ?”
“Well,” he says, “the problem is that those lures were for salt water fishing,
and the vests are more for your fresh water fisher folk.”
“Let me work on it.”

Another package arrives.
This time with a well worn slicker and a crusty old hat…courtesy of Chris Murphy…
and formerly owned by his dad Stan. (That would be the royalty part for those not familiar with island lore.)
Stan Murphy was the island painter of islanders. Check out his work, it’s brilliant…
here’s a link to start you on your way…

Click Here

As I was mid-way through the painting,
I read the news that the Quitsa Strider boat had finally been sold.
So sad to know she won’t be there at the dock in Menemsha anymore.
And a bit eerie to have it looming in this background…

But not quite as remarkable
as the wink that fish gave me when I put down the gazette.