I had absolutely
nothing to do with this composition.

Each of these objects
has been sitting
on shelves
on opposite sides of my studio
under piles of old shoes
and a collection of straw hats,
strewn over mountains of teacups
and tin strainers,
behind baskets, Barbie dolls
and pairs of cat eye glasses,
in between shiny red stilettos
and desiccated stalks of milkweed,
wound around windings of fire hose
anchor chain and silk ribbon,
and teased through the tangles
of birds nest and tumbleweeds.

Alone and apart
and all the time,
In the deep night of the studio.
Whispering to one another.

And though it did give me pause,
it was no real surprise
to come up the studio steps
one clear mid-winter morning
and find them together…
singing and dancing
and having a merry old time.