Menemsha Bites

The carving in the frame around this painting
is a quote by G.B. Edwards
and lifted from the Vineyard Gazette a few weeks back.

I clip these literary references and save them like others do grocery coupons.
Most get folded in a bunch and laid on the props shelf behind my easel.
Some obtain the coveted taped-to-the-wall status.
These are mostly the ones of whose lessons I need reminding.

This entirely civilized gesture on the part of the editors of this fine paper
is a national treasure.

Budget tightening measures forced me to cancel my subscription a while back.
The withdrawal was upsetting.

Things are improving around here now.
I signed back on mid-summer.
It occasionally arrives in tatters
having made a rough journey across six states and an ocean.

I have learned that even a ripped Emily Dickenson quote
is far superior
to anything the television talking heads have to say.