Mood Swing

This was the first still life I set up in the new studio.
Getting the swing to hang with the rope on only one side was a trip.
Every time I left the room Gully would sneak another tissue, bizarrely her most
favorite of illegal treats, and leave bits of Puffs all over the floor.
No problem empting the bottle of wine but the cork rolled under the
workbench and retrieving it could have been included
on that stupid home video show.
The slip was buried deep in the old studio, now renamed the Prop Room,
under a pile of uniforms and overalls and uncovering those old Ebay treasures
distracted me for most of an afternoon.
The mood,
well that is an ever present companion these days.
It swings me merrily away
and I try to keep my head from banging on the ceiling on the high ends
and my sobs from waking the neighbors on the low ones.