Night Crawlers

A package arrived at the studio…

Inside were some bits and pieces of foam…
and a bunch of old wooden fishing lures.

Mr. Morse as muse…

Wicked cool.

I started to pull them out for closer inspection
but the darned things bit me.
Wicked sharp.

Figured I’d wait until it was time to play
so they sat boxed up for a few more months.

After a string of some serious painting
of fairly serious subjects
I was in need of levity and braved the hooked beasts.

What ensued was pure fantasy.
The academics have lately been revisiting a “genre” of art which goes back a bit,
(references to its origin are vague), which they define as “Magical Realism”.
I’m still not sure how I feel about the label, but these lures surely brought a bit of magic into my studio.

The wonderful blue flashlight was a find at the Chilmark Antiques Fair
and it has been waiting for a feature role.
Every bit of the rest of it just…appeared.

Wicked fun.