Oils on Canvas

I had just finished the painting, An Artist’s Rigging,
and had to leave the easel for a couple of days to travel
to visit Jon and Tonya in Lake Placid and feast on all manner
of turkey day treats and be thankful for their wonderful selves…

Throwing the truck into four wheel drive on our return trip
out of the mountains turned out to be our only taste of winter
and the accidental detour mid-way turned out to provide a rare glimpse
of the statue of liberty, especially interesting as we had no idea we had left
the state of Pennsylvania…

So, it came as no great surprise
when I finally made it back to the studio
and found out what the paints and oil cans had been doing in my absence.
I put on some Irish music,
danced around with the Bodhran for a bit,
and bade them hold still long enough for me to get this one down.

‘Tis always that kind of fun around here.