Quitsa Pound

Now I’ve got to thank Ted and Polly for this one.
Though I have been painting this in my head for over twenty years,
it took the two of them to bring it to life.
Historians of all things up-island
and lovers of legend,
we sat of an afternoon and
they told me the stories of the island pounds.

Some are hidden and overgrown
and others have roadways plowing arrogantly right through.
They pulled books off the lowest shelves and
showed us the old photos, then Polly gave detailed directions.
We had to go back for more info, and more cookies,
before we were able to find them all.

So it was no real surprise
When, as I was working on this painting in my Pennsylvania studio,
the mail arrived with a hand painted Christmas card from those old salts
with Ted’s version of the very same view of Quitsa Pound.

Polly would say, “ Great minds think alike !”
I would say there are none greater than they.