Red Hot

This was the first in the new series, Garden Graces.

I’ve got this thing about ironing boards.
Not sure where it comes from but I did spend many an afternoon
up in the attic earning 10 cents per pillowcase
and I think a quarter for my father’s shirts to iron them crisp and neat.
In theses days it seems ridiculous to iron anything
but I do have a friend, Kate, who insists upon ironed sheets.
I would have charged a pretty fee for that in the day.

But I digress because this is really about the garden.
In it’s fourth summer the studio garden is singing.
I’ve been brought to tears many a morning
as I make my way from bed to bed inspecting and marveling
at what a little sun and soil and water can create.
As I write, in the midst of an early July heat wave,
the raspberries are popping, garlic is ready to harvest,
squash and zucchini are grilled nightly,
celery, cucumbers, beets, chard, kale and onions are ripe for the taking, tomatoes,
beans and blueberries are on the horizon and oh how the compost pile cooks.

I’m actually kinda antsy to be stuck here at the computer
while I work on the Painter’s Notes and get the frames on the paintings
which are heading out to the next show…
I’d MUCH rather be weeding between the sweet potatoes
and choosing the perfect specimen of yellow squash to bring inside to my easel
and bring out the cadmiums and try and render all of it’s brilliantly yellow and sensuously round self.

Maybe I’ll go out and just take a quick peek and see if the tomatoes need to be watered…