If you have ever left the comfort of your home
and gone to some corner of the planet
where there are like minded, needy and searching souls
gathering for the purpose of knowledge, actualization, realization and the occasional epiphany,
then you can appreciate the act of retreat.
I think the initial anxiety must be quite common.
New place, new faces, is there something in my teeth.
And there is a process just past the threshold
wherein the burdens of ones daily existence are shed.
The tedious load left at the door.
Storm clouds on the horizon.

And then the welcome.
An open door.
A shaft of sunlight.
A random width wood floor painted red.

You follow the light
and inside the promise
that for this weekend at least
there will be warmth
and honesty
and a chance to let go.

“The going of an island soul to sea…” e.d.