The Canoe Trip

Another look at James Pond
but this time from Gulliver’s perspective.

She was a wonderful dog.
Shy around some, she chose her humans carefully.

As Saren will tell you,
if you were lucky enough to have Gulliver trust you,
it was a rare gift of grace.

And Gully was loyal.
Beyond measure or equal.

So that when her best buddy Pat,
and pack members Jon and Tonya,
decided to take a sunset canoe trip on the pond…
those loyalties were surely tested.

Paddle alongside them to make sure their passage was safe…
or stay on shore guarding me,
the one who is mostly unsure of the water
and boats
and a reluctant swimmer.

You can see
that she chose to wait and watch
and I will forever be grateful to her
for that gift.

She watches over us all now and is ringing her chimes as I write.