The Editor

No original notes for this which is good.
Because it gives me a chance to recognize my first patron,
From the first day at Swarthmore Jr. High School,
when I was once again the new kid for something like the 6th time,
she befriended me. My shy pigtailed nerdy self was soon to blossom and find a home in the art room. Steph encouraged “the artiste” in me at every turn as we
grew up together in the wild and crazy early 70’s.

Now, as an outstandingly successful humanitarian, woman of the year, mother of two brilliant young lads, and entrepreneur…she and her husband
have become collectors, patrons and promoters
of all manner of artists and the arts.

But Steph is also an artist.
Of words.
And it is that for which I am most proud of her.
We don’t get to see each other often enough, who does these busy days.
I think of her all the time and occasionally am sent witty missives
that let me know she is somewhere tapping at the keys
and documenting her journey.

This is a good thing.