Tools of the Trade

I love it when the muses
take over.

This painting started out
with the gouge.
Just the one tool from
The Master Carver’s Tea composition…
the master carvers tea

and only because it was still
laying out on the workbench.

I had opened up the tool roll to put it back
and thought, well now that’s such a beautiful curve.
Which got me looking around the studio for
other curves.

And the violin always jumps out at that point
but I had to move those beach stones to get at it
and so they were scattered across the table.

So I layed the scroll end down on the rocks
and next thing I knew the glasses were on the tool roll
and that is where it got interesting.

While I was setting up the light
to define the shadows
and pulling the sketchbook out
from under the knitting books
I thought of the teaspoon.

Which started a theme building
of tying some of the other paintings in this show

And…POOF ! or it might have been HEY PRESTO !
in step the muses
and told me to go get that mannequin.
The part about posing it to mimic
the Bogcutter…
( ahhh you caught that part did ya ?)

Well they positively nailed that.
I can’t take credit for anything but
the three hours of tweaking to get the
wooden puppet to stay in that position.

Anyway, giving credit where it is due,
and as Jeter’s nephew has taught us all,
I tip my baseball hat
with respect and awe
to those magical