Every commission opens a new door.
I enjoy the challenges of finding my way into other people’s histories and interpreting their stories and spaces. My studio is full of props, most of which are anonymous. Bought at auctions, and offerings from friends, the shelves are crowded with these rescued treasures whose history I will never know.
Who worked that bare spot into the handle of the iron?
Who wore that nurses’s uniform in the 1930’s and neatly patched all the holes?
What might that teacup have overheard during the century of its use?
In the beauty of their aging and well worn patinas there are layers of stories. But when a patron invites me to paint an object or space that has personal meaning, there is a direct line to their story and, reading between its lines, I look for the common ground which becomes a fundatmental part of creating each painting.
When I accept a commission there are no strings. If it is a subject which I am drawn to naturally then I am willing to invest the time and work. As a full time artist I have an ongoing list of paintings in the works for upcoming shows and commissioned pieces are included. I do not take a deposit, which removes the awkward obligation to buy, but the patron gets the first opportunity to see and purchase the painting.
Honest relationships are far more important to me than contracts and money.