Fall Line Up

It’s time to move on to something artsy and not covered in mud…so I’d like to welcome you to the fall line up of shows which are going to be taking place in Denver, Co.

                      Gallery 1261     

October – Contemporary Realism

The Beginner     Oil on Panel          20 x 20

The Big Dipper             Oil on Panel       16 x 20

The Organist’s Daughter    Oil on Panel   24 x 36

November – Finding Abstraction 

                                              Brushwork    Oil on Panel     30 x 15

                                                Finding Abstraction      Oil on Panel    24 x 18

                                                                   Suspended   Oil on Panel    20 x 16

December – Small Works Show…..   stay tuned !


The Flood

Two weeks ago it was raining….and raining…and raining.

There are many all along the Northeastern Coast who had devestating flood damage from these last two hurricanes. We count ourselves among the lucky who, while suffering substantial loss and all the headaches that go with cleanup, emotional stresses, and insurance claims… have survived in tact and are amazingly rich in… friends. Not just the kind who call and say if there is anything we can do…but the real troopers who actually show up !

I’m too tired to write it all down and I’m waiting for the furnace tech to show up and condemn our old workhorse. So I’ve attached a bunch of pics which will tell the tale of our high water adventures and our stalwart rescuers.

Thank you all…