A new adventure…

for the Teacups !

Announcing the Grand Opening of our new Etsy Shop…CLICK HERE TO VIEW 

We are selling PRINTS…and to start off the festivities we are offering…
The Teacup Series

While large format prints are still available on my website…www.heatherneill.com,
we will be using the Etsy site to offer somewhat smaller sized prints.

My studio policy is to only offer prints of my paintings after the original has been sold.
So you can visit the shop periodically to see NEW prints as they become available.

For now… those whimsical teacups have been lined up and polished up and are eager for your purusal.

I hope you enjoy them and please share the love !
Thanks as always for your support !!!


After removing a finished painting from the easel the other day I found this note hiding next to a well splattered photo of Herself…

Which made me take a closer look at what else is taped to my easel…

This one below is a bit obscured from a decade of wiping my brushes…”There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” from Leonard Cohen

And I love the extra notes reminding me to plant garlic in November and to do a painting of my spoon carving. Both of which I did.

And two favorite pics of our sweet second Berners, Gulliver, enjoying two spots she used to love on the Vineyard. She’s there at her post, by my side, watching me every day.

Just some of the things that inspire me… so what’s on your easel ?



Repeat after me…

F-R-I-E-D Motherboard

After spending the better part of two days watching the slow train wreck of my studio computer and learning that they call the window that kept popping up… the BSOD which is short for Blue Screen of Death…I filled my teacup, went to the bathroom, charged up my phone and called India.

Simon and I got right to it and I was with him…swapping out memory cards and testing and retesting the slots…listening as the fan noises got worse each time…right up until the thing started to smoke. OK he says, I’ll put you on hold and speak to my supervisor. Tap tap tap… glad I took those earlier call precautions…on hold musak…then yep we are sending out a technician to replace the motherboard. My Dell extended warranty at work.

So I left the mess in the office and as I was closing the door behind me I saw this painting which I had finished a couple weeks ago…

It’s title is The Tinker and it’s headed out to Denver next month but it’s prescient composition made me laugh…all I needed for today’s tinkering was a screwdriver and a man 5000 miles away.

And yes, that is the number 3 !!! which perplexed so many of you. I’ll get you a better shot in a day or so. For now…I’m heading back to the easel and something that does not require electricity or motherboards…although I could use a few more memory cards if you know what I mean.


Credit where credit is due…

We had a little helper here last week.

Zoe is now 2 and a half and is the sharpest crayon in the deck. She is also big enough to pull her own weight…as well as a wagon full of sticks…and Mima put her to work in the studio as my apprentice.

I had developed this painting up to the shadow stage and so Zoe mixed up some ultramarine violet and paynes grey … and got right down to it.

After a long day in the studio she retired to the log cabin to watch some flicks with Gran and Bear Bear…

and I somehow managed to finish the painting on my own…

but I do believe in giving credit where it is due…soooo…

if you look closely…there is a tiny little Z (she’s not got the hang of the umlaut yet) that will live forever on the signature of this painting. You made Mima proud you special little girl.

Ironing…out ?

I wasn’t paying attention … and that always spells trouble.
So when Zoe and I were making breakfast we heard the terrible news that…the IRON has been sacked ! USA reports that the people of the world have voted to remove the tiny token of the Iron from their Monopoly game. And replace it with … A CAT ? Really ?

Now this makes me sad. I am a lover of irons, and ironing boards, and…well…ironing. Such a meditative task and so peaceful and productive and now, I guess, out of step with the times.

Well, I offer up a few of my favorite paintings as an homage to a simpler, happier and more contemplative time when a warm whisper of steam would rise from the slowly drawn linen newly pressed linen…