Hello blog readers…

As squalls of snow flurries surround the studio, the artist within is happily ensconced in her hermitage and the brushes are flying. Had a bookend of visits with Peter Follansbee last week so his painting gets the pride of place here today.

I’ve been away from this portal for so many months that there is a towering pile of posts waiting to be written. Look for me to promise a regular flow of entries, but I’d hedge those bets. My energies and attention span tends to be hyper focused at the easel when I return from weeks away.

While the weather freezed me out of the garden, and the darkness deepens into the solstice, the dust collects on every other corner of the studio except where I and my brushes are at work.

But I’ve taken a quick break to visit the office today because I need to give you a heads up about the prints offered here on my site.

Due to the increased costs of paper and ink the price of prints will be following suit.

Figure I would return the kindness of your years of support by giving you all a heads up…so I’ll wait another month or so and make the price changes take effect on January 31, 2020.

The small prints will go from $95 to $125
The large prints will go from $195 to $225
And I will be charging a flat shipping rate of $12 for all tubes, multiple prints can be shipped in one tube and will only be charged once.

The Menemsha Basin and Strider Prints will remain at their current prices for now.

OK, that’s done.

Now back to my snuggly spot by the heater in the corner with my Muses.

Stay frosty out there and thank you all for being there.

A Few New Prints

The studio inbox has recently received requests for some new prints to be offered…
and it gave me the opportunity to clean that page up a bit and add a few new ones.

You will find this logo at the top of the page after you click on Prints from the menu bar on my website…heatherneill.com

NEW to the site are…

So there ya go,
a little bit of whimsy for this season.

Back tot he easel for me…
you lot stay frosty out there !

A new adventure…

for the Teacups !

Announcing the Grand Opening of our new Etsy Shop…CLICK HERE TO VIEW 

We are selling PRINTS…and to start off the festivities we are offering…
The Teacup Series

While large format prints are still available on my website…www.heatherneill.com,
we will be using the Etsy site to offer somewhat smaller sized prints.

My studio policy is to only offer prints of my paintings after the original has been sold.
So you can visit the shop periodically to see NEW prints as they become available.

For now… those whimsical teacups have been lined up and polished up and are eager for your purusal.

I hope you enjoy them and please share the love !
Thanks as always for your support !!!

It’s been a while…

and the muses are calling…
calling me back to the studio…
the brushes are flirting with me as I walk by them from kitchen to office and back again… oh how the empty panels stacked up alongside the easel do tease.

I am listening, but there are a few more tasks to be swept away before I can return to my easel. Today, for instance, I have added some new prints to the website shop. Here’s a quick peek…


There are over 40 prints listed on the site now but if you have a particular favorite which you do not see there please contact me and I’ll let you know if it is available.

And remember…shipping and handling is… FREE ! 


The Circus is in Town…

The painting that keeps reminding me what a small world this is…

As I mentioned in a blog post way back in January of 2011, many members of the original Circus Kirk have contacted me after learning of this painting to share stories of their time in that circus, indeed on that very truck.

This week two more people wrote asking about the availability of prints, Ellie who went on to be a teacher and photographer and remembers the “hectic” schedule traveling with the circus, and Terry who actually painted the name on this very truck.

I wanted to update the information here that yes, the original of this painting has sold and YES, I do have prints available. They are discounted for Circus Alumnae and are $125 – printed on archival paper that is 17″ x 22″ and shipping is FREE.  Please send a check or money order to my address (listed on the contact page of the website) and include the address to which it should be sent and off it will go.

Long may the circus live !

Still time…

…to order studio prints for the holidays.

Our little studio workshop has been buzzing with print orders this week and Pat has been making daily runs to Fedex in the sleigh…

I’ve just updated the website but if you don’t see the painting that you want a print of…or if you have other questions about the ordering process…please don’t hesitate to contact us… hnartisan@comcast.net

Ho Ho Ho !

4 Women Paint

It’s a pleasure to be in the company of these three strong and seasoned artists for this upcoming show. And it’s in our backyard so those of you who live nearby can hopefully join us for the festivities. The show opens this weekend with two receptions, Saturday from 5-7 and Sunday from 2-4. The next weekend, November 21st at 2pm there will be a panel discussion with all 4 artists and the weekend after that, November 28th a gallery walk, touring the show with the artists.

I’ve got a trailer full of originals packed for delivery and for this show I’ll also have studio prints for sale.

The show is at the York Art Association, 220 S. Marshall St. York, PA 17402  –  717 755-0028.

I hope to see you there !

June is…

…a great time to shop for HN Studio PRINTS

June is here…and in addition to the popular holidays like…
Father’s Day

Flag Day
The Summer Solstice
Did you know that June is …
Fruit and Vegetable Month
National Rose Month
and the first week is National Fishing Week…
And there are all those June Brides ready to take their first steps over that Threshold…
We are extending our FREE SHIPPING offer on all prints ordered through July 31.
Stop by our website print shop today…

HN Studio Prints

And please note that we will not be shipping orders from
July 18th through August 10th,
as we make our way north for the Granary Gallery show.
Thanks, as always, for your patronage…


And the bid goes to…

When we go to auctions I am notorious for getting caught raising my number a wee bit too enthusiastically. It ‘s just so much fun…and I really, really want that hundred year old pharmacists chest that has a locked compartment and a lost key !

Well, ok, I did go over my budget at the time but that piece of furniture has been featured in enough paintings to have paid for itself many times over…

And today the tables have been turned and it’s kinda fun to see some people bidding on my artwork…and for a good cause. Here’s a link to check out the Westtown School Online Auction where some of our new HN Studio Prints are included … WESTTOWN SCHOOL ONLINE AUCTION

Remember to bid responsibly…and often !

Art Auction

Westtown School is hosting their 2010 Art Show and Sale this weekend.

My dear friend Ellen Cryer Gilbert is Director of Advancement at the school and I’m pleased to help support her and the school by including some prints from our New Collection in this sale.   The show opens tonight with an artist’s reception from 5 – 8 pm and continues tomorrow from 10 – 3.   Following this sale there will be an online art auction which we are participating in as well.  Over 30 artists are showing their works … here’s a link to view the list of artists and their websites.