Frame Carving Completed

Day after the 4th and the sleepless night of illegal fireworks being shot off next door for hours upon hours. Gully finally gave up her nervous vigil and went to sleep. Pat played freecell until the third finale seemed to end at round about 2 am, and, I tossed and turned for a fitful while but the ear plugs softened the concussions and I went dreamily to the deck of the Man ‘O War which Post Master Aubrey was beating to quarters, guns ready for battle….

Framed up the fishing pole today so I thought I would follow up on the finishing steps to its carved frame. It took about six hours to finish the carving and the hardest part was turning that sized frame around to get the proper purchase and angles with the knife and gouges. On a smaller frame or individual panel, like the chair slats I used to carve, I would turn and turn again for almost each cut. Not so with a frame as large as my office door.



Close up of quote.

   Here it is with the carving finished and ready for the next step.

Carving Done

I used the garage workshop, which has more ventilation, as the staining station. Depends entirely on the frame and painting but I have experimented lately with traditional wood stains, milk paint, gold leaf and even spray paint to treat the surface. This one, as you can see, wanted to show off the wood grain so I used a Minwax English Chestnut stain followed by a coat of satin polyurethane which was rubbed on and left to dry for a couple days.

Stained Frame

The humidity is quite high this weekend so I brought it inside yesterday to give it a chance to dry out before completing the framing. There are three parts to this frame. A thin rabbeted frame holds the painting and is joined to the poplar carved panel with nails and screws as needed. Then the outside moulding is attached and all three are joined as one to support the painting panel. (More about the composition and preparation of these panels will appear in future posts.) 

Here is the final product…

  ” … a shortage of fishing poles” 

  Oil on Panel 72″ x 16″     (Outside frame dimension is 80″ x 24″)

The full quote is, ” If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there would be a shortage of fishing poles. ” Doug Larson

There will be one more carved frame for the upcoming Granary Gallery show which opens in two short weeks. All new work will be posted on my HN Website on Saturday July 12th.

The countdown continues…

Stay frosty my friends,  HN

4 thoughts on “Frame Carving Completed

  1. I’m interested in the quote – who is Doug Larson?
    Small technical matter for me; after you helped me get my “blog” running, I have pictures too big, you have ’em too small. Or I missed something, but when I click the pictures, they open in a new window, but essentially the same size as in the original post. Is it at this end? I look forward to seeing the stuff on the website soon…

  2. DL was an English Race Car Driver. I found the quote, as I do so many others, by googling. This time it came up under fishing quotes. Perfect fit.
    The pictures thing…I edit all pics in Photoshop, then save for the web at 72 dpi and 720 px wide or tall. When I imported them this time via wordpress there was an option to save small/med/large. I chose med. for most and large for the finished piece.Tried to go back and edit to make them larger but no luck. Will keep working on this to optimize and let ya know.
    Check out their forum for more info.
    And you need to get your categories listed.

  3. Well thank ya Dov.
    It’s a good thing I cut out the ceiling in the studio for a loft space as that frame needs all the head room it can get !
    I’m trying to get Caroline to join the blog-o-sphere as it would be great to have all her notes archived. She’s on board as soon as she gets time and all her digits freed.