Early Start

 7July 7am

Gulliver and I tiptoed out of the log cabin in the thick fogbound morning and went through the back gate over to the studio.

Early July Morning

Cobwebs covering my glasses, I was ready for an early start to a long work day. Stopped in the kitchen to put a scoop of food in Gully’s bowl, grab a diet pepsi and head into the office to check email…

A message from Lynn popped up. Always a treat. This time there was a link to Tim O’Brien blog page…and there went the morning….

The short story is that the Langmuir family is beyond all things, generous. They have shared their island sanctuary with a few of us over the years and Lynn had the great foresight to keep a running journal of summer’s there which visitors are encouraged to comment in. (What we did before bolgging for all you new humans out there.) Our favorite entries have been the cartoon sketches which Tim does of his family’s annual visit in July. We’ve watched as his career took off, a master illustrator who is famous for his Time Mag. covers, as their adventurous pup rambled the meadows, as their son Cassius was born and learned his way around the island, and now….an introduction to Tim’s website, and this wonderful blog entry describing how he transformed a newly repaired ceiling board into a window on the vineyard sky. My brushes are bowed in respect for his genius !  There is lots more here, and for those of us who know every crack in that ceiling, and for those who appreciate humor and magic…this is a fun read.     http://www.drawger.com/tonka
Time to hitch the trailer up and make my way to the frame shop again. The frame that wouldn’t fit in the truck is coincidentally for a portrait of the garage on the Langmuir’s bluff. A view which Cassius would not be able to find, but Tim might appreciate….

The Temple of my Familiar

The Temple of my Familiar

T-minus 14 days and counting ’til the show. The summer is sizzlin’ by….  HN

One thought on “Early Start

  1. Thanks so much Heather for the really kind words. Perhaps we shall meet sometime in the Vineyard. Your work is fantastic and it has a really vital feel to it. Your contrast is ever so slightly tweaked to go a step beyond photorealism to me.
    The funny thing about me painting at Sunrise is that I get kind of frozen by the beauty of it all. I shoot reference of things but never get to them. I guess I feel satisfied by your paintings as they seem to cover all that I would paint anyway. Also, Paul Langmuir is doing his wonderful watercolors now so I can just watch.
    Great luck with your show.

    Tim O’Brien