Strider’s Surrender

8 August

The wind has changed. Thunder in the distance and Gully is on alert. The ions are charging but the sun is out and the sky is as blue as the one in this painting…

Strider's Surrender           Oil on Panel         92" x 48"

Strider's Surrender Oil on Panel 92" x 48"

An article appeared yesterday in the Martha’s Vineyard Times describing how this painting came to be and where it will be going to live. Exciting and humbling for the artist. You can read the article by clicking here…

When we were on the Vineyard last month, I sat on the wooden crates out back of Larsen’s…with a plate of steamers and paid my respects to the Quitsa Strider II. She’s still there though her days are bittersweet as she no longer can go a huntin’ like she used to.

The big old boat at the dock in Menemsha

The big old boat at the dock in Menemsha

And then we have this just in… my brother Bill and his wife Laura are on Martha’s Vineyard this week and made a trip to the Granary Gallery to check on all this hubub themselves… 

Bill and Linda island hopping

The wind is still up but the thunder has passed so I can set my sails and see what’s over the next horizon… HN


2 thoughts on “Strider’s Surrender

  1. Hello Heather! I’m Rachel, Dov’s daughter. However right now I am at Peggy’s house for the week (by the way I think Closet Nurse is wonderful). My dad passed along your blog to me and so I have been secretly following along as you write. As I read the Martha’s Vineyard Times link posted in the entry above (and the entry of course!) I thought I just HAD to write something about how amazing I think you, and your art are. I love all the detail and colors and light in your paintings and I hope that someday I might be able to meet you in person. By the way, Peggy and I wanted to ask you one question about Seventh Inning Stretch: why is the lampshade tilted? Alright, well I running out of time before dinner and I’m worried I might double the page length with all my thoughts, but for now, I remain a faithful follower of your blog and a cousin once removed according to my Yomah. Thank you for all of it.

  2. Oh Rachel, I am honored that you are reading my blog. Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually IS out there !
    Thank you for the kind words. I have secretly been watching you grow over the years in family pictures and stories and would love get to know you and your sparkling mind better ! Feel free to write any old time and keep in touch.
    I made it back to the easel, if only for a little while, today after a long break. It felt great to dip a brush in some paint. But not as great as hearing from you tonight.
    The lampshade is tilted because I needed the light to rake at an angle across the floor…but then we all are a bit tilted sometimes don’t ya think ?
    Keep those questions coming and I’ll do the same…yours in turpentine…your once removed…but now back again cousin…Heather