Remembering Polly

18 August

A bright sunny morning …

After a hearty breakfast omelet, Gully and I communed with the birds and the cool morning air and watered the plants and listened for the whispers.

Yesterday afternoon, Amanda and her friend Margaret came for a visit. Amanda turns 21 on Saturday !!! and she and Margaret have an evening of restuarant hopping planned. They found the perfect dress for the occasion, are still searching for shoes and a clutch, and Gran has been saving some of Polly’s jewelry to adorn the young fashionable women’s attire.  They were thrilled with the table full of necklaces and earrings and it made my heart sing to remember Polly wearing this one and that one. Ted was right, Polly would be so pleased to see these girls carrying on her stylish flair…

It has long been our tradition to remember loved ones with a windchime. A vessel for their spirit if they should choose to pass our way and visit for a while. Our yard is full of them and each one rings independently of the wind.

I knew that Polly’s had to be special. She was a formidable New Englander with a commandingly deep voice and whip-like wit. Pat had to get the tallest hook that the nursery had for this tall throaty chime, and it is nestled between the newly planted lace-cap hydrangeas which remind us of the Vineyard…. and now of our dear friend…

by: heather on August 18th, 2008
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