On a Wing…

14 November 2008

A foggy morning…dismal and dreary…ah the muses are smiling.

A quick look at yesterday’s progress …

sketching in the wing

close up of last few rocks completed

close up of last few rocks completed

Now it comes down to anatomy. The bones and feathers are not as forgiving as the rocks. They have to be rendered true to nature… so believable that the viewer doesn’t get hung up on the realism but has an open door to see what if anything might lie beyond. So now I get to have fun with all those wild feathers.

PS- I’m listening (for the third or fourth time) to Laurie R. King’s Mary Russell Series, book 2 – O Jerusalem… and it was great fun to be sketching-in the chaos of the wings’ feathers while Holmes and Russell were traipsing across the deserts of Palestine, fighting off a sand storm.

Breakfast and then back to work,


2 thoughts on “On a Wing…

  1. Hi, it’s Vicki from Laurie King’s VBC! *waves* Love this new work–it’s gorgeous and very striking!

  2. Hi Vicki, thanks so much.
    You can appreciate the powerful imagery that is swirling around in my imagination as I paint while listening to this book ! I’m working on those fine porcelain leg bones…and Mary Russell has just woken up in a strange room with blood on her hands !!!
    Stay tuned …