Them bones…

15 November 2008

Dark morning, rain slicked leaves, slippery grey mist… a thermos full of hot darjeeling tea …ready to paint…

Not as much progress yesterday as I had hoped. Them bones wanted more and more paint to make them twist and catch the light.

Got twisted up my own self after hours of leaning in with the tiny brushes…and needed to get some circulation back in me own gams so I took a break and power-washed the studio walkway. ( Eyes on the weather station show that this mild stormy weather is soon to give way to the coldest temps of the season. One last window of opportunity to strip the concrete of that green slimy film before it becomes an ice rink. ) That done, Gully and I settled in to an early evening session and worked our way up to the wing.




When last we checked in with Russell and Holmes they had finally made it to Jerusalem. The plot has thickened and the game is afoot…. I can’t wait to get back to the easel…and the story…and them bones…


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