Early to rise…

18 November 2008

First, make that only human and dog, at the lake for a brisk morning walk. Worth the effort for the peacefully snoring good dog Gulliver by my side.

Back on track yesterday with a good block of time to lay some paint on those feathers. First couple layers are about color and shape, now I can get in there and bring up the contrast and see where the light needs to fall.

Better energy today, from the walk and the beginning of the next book, The Monstrous Regiment of Women. This one, borrowed from the library. is on cassette tape… a dinosaur of an audible device, which has been abused by listeners for years so just about the time I settle in and get focused on the painting…the tape snarls and garbles and I have to climb over the sleeping old dog to reach the machine to coax it along. Worth it ONLY for LRK.

Day 7

Detail day 7

 While Herself mows the frosty lawn….

 to the easel…


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