There’s a hole in my studio…

30 January 09

…and in my heart.

She came into our lives almost, almost 10 years ago…a shy little pup riding on my shoulders…

and went out today…a brave, strong and couragous old dame with her head laying on my lap.


Gulliver Finnegan Neill


6 thoughts on “There’s a hole in my studio…

  1. brave, strong, courageous
    loved very much.
    dear and sweet, still a bit shy.
    queen of her domain, and
    leader of the dogpack ~ quietly the leader.
    walking proudly ahead of the rest.
    I will miss Gully.

  2. I loved the way she strutted around the yard so beautiful and proud.I thought it was so cool how she had to warm up to us in her shy way and then when she got to know us how much she loved us and came to the fence to greet us.when she saw us out. We loved Gully and will miss her so very much
    Zola, Sue, and Jed

  3. As I write, my friend rests on my ankle. China and Gully were the same age. Two grand puppies keeping the home guarded and loved. My heart wraps around both of you. I love the photo of her head in the wind, looking outward, with the most positive approach to life.

    Love, Steph

  4. Dear Heather,

    Emma, my old gal, has been telling me all week that spirits have been surrounding her. The puzzling quite discomfort in her actions and demeanor have now been explained.

    Today, as I leafed through old photographs, I paused and smiled at our pack wading in the lake. Boomer and Gully sporting wide grins. How wonderful that Gully’s spirit came to say goodbye.

    We will miss her.

    Susan, Emma and Tag

  5. Safe journey, dear Gully…
    Your friends await you at the bridge…
    You will be missed, Miss G….

    Mary Ellen