Doctor’s Orders

8 March 09

I’m not supposed to lift anything heavier than a can of soup for 6 weeks.

And my nurse is watching me like a hawk.

So I had to come up with a fool proof plan to get this next, huge, panel up on the easel. Too heavy for Pat to carry in from the garage by herself, we recruited the old wagon made out of parts from an old radio flyer and together we inched it through the gate and across the lawn and up onto the porch and slid it into the studio…then we locked and secured the easel carriage and one giant heave was all it took and presto…. she’s up and ready to go…


I put the deck of cards there so you could get some idea of size… the panel is roughly 4 x 8 feet…


It reminded me of a quote my dear old Aunt Sal sent which is taped to the studio refrigerator…

“There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING !, that two women cannot accomplish together before noon.”

We managed that AND moving a 50 lb bag of bird seed….well before 11:30 !

Now the hard part…to fidget with the composition and get the sketch up on the panel…day two of sketching and reworking…and counting…

3 thoughts on “Doctor’s Orders

  1. And You ARE the best neighbor Miss Sue !
    But we didn’t see your truck… and Herself has been getting quite buff at the Y… and we’ve gotten pretty creative in the use of leverage and wheely things in our old age !

  2. Love the ingenuity of two smart women when there is a problem to solve.
    I could picture the whole process in my mind’s eye………
    Glad you’re back in the groove, Heather.