On the easel…continued

20 March 09

Spent the morning framing and packing up a new painting which will be headed up to the Granary Gallery as soon as Herself gets back from her yoga class. So before I head back to the easel here are a few pics of the first weeks’ work on the big panel….

A swath of sky, then in for some long distance work and detailing, then over to the shack full of shingles… I have become quite familiar with the weathered cedar shingle and learned that there are no short cuts. Wet-in-wet seems to work well for the first layers. Then I come back in and crisp up the edges and add texture. Then go back and glaze it all down as a summer rain storm might…and back over that to bounce in some highlights where the appropriate sunlight…or shadow…would glance off the surfaces.

The first week then…







And now…

back to the brushes.

Happy First Day of Spring !

2 thoughts on “On the easel…continued

  1. Thanks for sharing your work in progress Heather. I originally thought you posted two separate paintings! What is the size of the panel? It’s looking wonderful at this stage. I’ve never attempted the cedar shake siding, but yours is outstanding. I think you’ve got it figured out!

  2. Hi Anita,
    The panel is shy of 4’x8’…shy enough to fit into my little trailer with it’s frame on….hopefully !
    I have a love-hate relationship with those shingles. They are beautiful in every state…from the bright crisp golden color of the brand new ones… to the rich earthy darks of the Nor’easterly saturated ones…to the undulating greys of the elders who have withstood more than a century of storms and winds and blazing summer suns.
    I labor each time I paint them to pay due respect to those passages…but after the four hundredth shingle…well …