Don’t touch that dial…

28 march 09

Busy week but I managed to get some easel time in and am almost finished with the main shack and all those shingles !

Got another layer on the left hand window…next-layer-on-window1

And then the hard part…flipping the panel over…


Again…had to wait for my nurse’s assistance…but this easel is such a wonder that once a panel this size is on it I can move it with one finger. A full tour of the easel coming soon… meanwhile…


I learned, after much experimentation, that once I have the foundation layers in place for the shingles it is much easier to add the highlights by working upside down and taking a flat brush and pulling from what would be the bottom of the shingle downward. This gives the clean edge but you can adjust for the degree of “weathering” desired by choosing a correspondingly worn brush. So a new shingle gets a brand new brush…the ones here on this shack which are well weathered got an older brush.

I came over quite early to the studio this morning and heard some salty language and the tinny clanking of swordplay…only to find Sir Bernard of the Fauquembergues taking on the slings and arrows of the disadvantaged weathervane.  My hero.



Panel righted again…and ready for today’s glazing down and tightening up…

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