6 thoughts on “Squibnocket beach

  1. Were you doing pretend work before? !!

    Did you get your print on time?
    We love ya and miss ya,

  2. yes, I was faking it before…actually doing the unheard of “vacationing”…have read three books and finished 1 1/2 sweaters! And YES, the print arrived safely and just in the nick of time. Long story there for a November porch rocker. Now off to the bluefish derby !

  3. I see your response to Sue is timed at 1:11. the other day I saw 2:22 and 5:55…
    kids w colds, etc…call when you are in a phone zone, if you can. otherwise, have an MV blast the 2 of ya…

  4. Are you cold up there? Do you have snow?
    I’m sure Sue is watching that creek by the cabin – we have had three straight days of rain and expect one more before it stops.
    The trees are turning. Your cabin is feeling lonely. It and we will be happy when it is time for you to come back to PA.

  5. No snow here but I heard that you guys were getting some. We’ve got cold and stormy though which is sorta fun. Tide was over the seawalls today so Finn and I just sat in the car instead of walking. Having good times with our friend Ted and others and collecting lots of new paintings ideas. A couple more weeks and we’ll be eager to head home and settle in for a long winter…so get ready… Finn has gained so much confidence up here and is all over the long walk. Be well all, H