We’re back…

and sluggishly but happily progressing on the  re-entry back into our Pennsylvania lives… Neighbor Sue, and a couple others of you who dip into this blog once and a while, have let me know that it’s time for an update… and soon,

very soon,

I will oblige with full color momentos of our journey north and an in depth look at what is ahead for the studio this winter. Lots and lots to report…a bit overwhelming actually…

Today started out just fine…the painting that I had left in limbo on the easel for the last six weeks is nearing completion…the 10,000 or more reference photos that I shot on Martha’s Vineyard have been sorted and I’ve begun to gleen through the lot to find the best images for paintings…(a decades’ worth)… and Finn helped out by giving me the whole morning to work while she gnawed on a giant bone from market.

So all was groovy until I decided to take advantage of the 70 degree November day and take my lunch hour to clear out and mow down the back fence row to make way for some raised beds for our spring victory garden. After carefully taking down Finnegan’s fence I leaned one of the 8 ft poles, 2″ in diameter, against the split rail fence. Then I started heaving some big logs across that fence and out of the way. Amazingly enough one of those heavy suckers clipped the top of that pole and snapped it right back at me…at twenty five miles an hour…spiked end first…directly into the center of my face.

A square hit up the right nares. I can still see it coming. Interesting what the mind does with that scenario. One half second before impact I was already planning out the emergency response. Pat was out to lunch…or out for lunch…Sue was home I thought but probably not watching me out her kitchen window…Finnegan was lying on the porch asleep…I was on my own.

I made it inside…scoped out the damage…stopped the bleeding…iced up the injury site…shook myself off… a couple of times…decided I would live…went back out and finished mowing down the beds…stopped to think how much worse it could have been…and collapsed on the porch chair. Pat came home and started to tell me all about how hard her first day back at Yoga had been…I played the trump card…spear in the nose….she launched into nurse mode…I felt better.

Here then is my excuse for not bringing you all a proper post.

Stay tuned… my angels are with me … and dancing with the stars is right around the corner…

I know Ted will be watching… and Polly was watching out for me today.

Would love to hear how your October adventures went…

yours in miracles,


by: heather on November 10th, 2009
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2 thoughts on “We’re back…

  1. oh my god
    you are more than lucky
    don’t ever be home alone without the phone in your pocket
    when was your last tetanus shot???

  2. Now we know that as dangerous as swimming alone is ….you should NEVER EVER do gardening work alone!! As least notify your neighbor if you are about to attempt it!!!!
    Same goes with eating M&M’s and walking!!!!!!!!!
    Love ya,