FINISHED !!!!!!!

Noon today… the big painting was signed and declared completed.

Three brutal months, 46 birds, 46 boats, thousands of shingles and one lone fisherman later…

Despite the congestion in the lungs and head, I am breathing a whole lot easier this afternoon. This is one huge weight (literally) lifted off my shoulders… and I’m on to the next ptg…my brushes have hit the ground running as the race to complete as many more paintings as I can in the next two months before the show.

Stay tuned for updates… in the meantime here are some detail shots…

One thought on “FINISHED !!!!!!!

  1. Wow! What an epic painting! I am speechless! Reminds me of my visit to Maine many years ago. I have been slack at visiting folks and blogging. My daughter is getting ready to go to college. Much preparation!