It’s FINISHED !!!!

After a year and a half in preparation,

two weeks getting the composition just right,

one solid month of painting…and painting…and painting,

I offer you…

well, I don’t have a title yet…but here is the final apple series painting…

( remember these are just iphone photos so we’ll all have to wait for it to be varnished and professionally shot…but you’ve been waiting much more patiently than I have…so….)

And here are a couple detail shots with the parts I’ve been hiding…

I usually reserve the treat of sushi for after I’ve sold a painting…but in this case Pat is willing to indulge me.

Whew…I’m ready to have some fun with teacups now.

Nighty night.

9 thoughts on “It’s FINISHED !!!!

  1. Thought I heard a sigh. 🙂 This painting is amazing. I can feel the grass. And I’d love to sit and talk with this man….over a piece of apple pie.

  2. Wow this is cool… Pat and I are sitting on the sofa… She with the iPad and I with the phone… Approving comments and smiling that you are all out there… Getting it. Thanks … Really.

  3. It actually blew everyone right into tomorrow!
    Seriously Heather, this gives that bigboat some real competition.
    Kudos. My eyes are drawn mostly to Ted’s hands.
    Beautiful job, my friend.
    I might go eat an apple.