The Mighty Blixa…

This sparkly smiling little boy is Blixa, the 3 yr. old son of an old friend of mine…Doug, aka Dug, and Lauren Cawley and younger brother to Dregen. Dug and I go all the way back to Harvard Square in the early 80’s when we worked together in the tiny closet of a frameroom at the Coop.

Now he and his wife own a frameshop in San Francisco and Dug tells me he’s some kind of famous in the screaming grundgy music world since he plays and sings in a band called The Grannies. Now…it’s a good thing for both of us that I’m not a music critic… and when we reconnected via facebook a while back I did take a quick tour of his site and listen to some of the music…and for an old folkie like myself it’s downright terrifying.

So consider yourselves forwarned if you dare to go down that road and look them up…although there are sure to be those among you who will be quick to challenge my narrow gereatric musical tastes and enlighten me to the intricacies of lyrics and costume…have at it.

What I can say, from the bottom of my heart, is that Dug is one of the finest, kindest and dearest humans on this planet. And so it was especially hard to hear the news that young Blixa has just been diagnosed with Leukemia. This is a family that has picked up more than their share of burdens, having been swept out of their home by the mortgage dementors. And, with their lives already out of balance, there is now a different focus to their needs.

I’ve followed along on his facebook page as he kept us all in the loop from Blixa’s hospital bed to his homecoming. That kid is smiling in every single photo and appears to have all the special powers he will need to battle this transformer. But the family could use some help.

The band is doing some fundraising gigs. Their website has some scary posters and gear for sale. And they have just put up a link on Paypal which lets people donate directly to Blixa’s medical fund. I tried that link today and Dug responded immediately so I know it’s up and running and it’s safe….

If you’re moved to want to pay forward some kindness that you were offered when you were in need of  help…

I’m just sayin’…

here’s the info directly from Doug’s FB page…

Also a lot of folks have been asking about a donation site and we now have set up – just use as the recipient & it will go directly to a health account for Blixa. Thank you!



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