Garden Graces

The studio garden is alive with color this week so I’ve been spending time outside each morning listening for the muses…


I had photographed this butterfly yesterday as she drank in the nectar from Pat’s Zinnia bed…and so today I brought out a teacup and set it on the split rail fence…and waited…and waited…for the sun to climb over the tree tops and reach that same raking angle.

garden set up

Pat came out and found me sitting and staring at the fence and decided it would be a good time to pick some of her flowers…

pat with zinnias

Herself never looks lovelier than when she is holding a handful of her beloved Zinnias.

Just after she left the sun came through and I captured the shadows through the petals and the fleeting light. As I turned to leave, yesterday’s butterfly came back and danced across the tops of the remaining flowers. I was sad to see that a large chunk of her delicate wings had been broken off.

So my visit with her yesterday, in all her cathedral-winged glory, was arranged by the muses after all…and, like so many of these Garden Graces Series paintings, the emphasis is on…grace.


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