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One of the reasons that this painting is titled, “Looking Back”, is that these fishing vessels, and the small commercial industry that has flourished on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, are fading into history.
I was just reading the Vineyard Gazette and Mark Alan Lovewell has an article that caught my attention and made me take a second look at this painting.

I’ll attach a link to the article here….Click to read VG Article.


The article describes the transition from big sea dragging for fluke, which Tim Broderick and family were working with their boat, Four Kids, to Oyster farming in the nearby Menemsha Pond.
I like the forward thinking of their new venture, and, after years of mourning the decline of the big boats in Menemsha, I’m seeing new shingles going up, like the wholesale business of the Menemsha Fish House and I am hopeful that the village will continue to support the islanders.

I almost left that boat out. This composition required a lot of tweaking to get the major elements, buildings, boats and docks to line up, to fit on the panel and to be as close to reality as possible. In real life, those boats swap mooring positions daily, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to nudge the Four Kids up a few feet and let her dock in front of Larson’s.

four kids detail

And now I’m glad I did. Seems like as fast as I can paint these vineyard scenes…life has a way of changing it all up anew.

The original oil painting, Looking Back  92″ x 48″  is available at the Granary Gallery, just up the road from where the boat is still flying it’s flag.

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