Where has your hat been lately ?

os game

I don’t get to use this category very often…

the “Where’s YOUR hat been lately” one.

Partly because they are now a vintage item. I’ve been meaning to update the logo
and order some new ones because it’s kinda fun and I’ve noticed the ones on the heads of friends and patrons starting to look a little ragged.

But yesterday I brought out the original to mark the occasion of our first visit to Camden Yards. It was the perfect day for a baseball game and Scott Allocco brought us to his park to play. Nice bonus that the O’s were playing the Red Sox, I left that hat at home.

And, in answer to the Sox fans who lamented my desertion…I’m a fair weather fan at best and a sucker for a good hat.


A beautiful day with a fine friend and another check on the bucket list.

Back in the studio it’s time to …PLAY BALL !

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