Allied…with my roofers.

This blog entry isn’t about painting…because not much of it got done the last week and a half or so…because I was watching from my studio windows as the most excellent roofers put a new lid on our old log cabin.

Under the direction of Mike Fleet, from Allied Roofing, carpenter Chris and his crew worked brilliantly to repair, restore and renew the old rotten roof. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to have competent craftsmen on the job. Not only were they skillful and hard working…right through two snow storms and the coldest temps of the year…but they were polite. Yes, they were thoughful, had good senses of humor and were kind spirited and boy was that refreshing.

It’s a small cabin with a roofline that looks a lot like the Weasley’s house…not a square edge to be found. Didn’t even slow down these guys. All four of them hustled and made it look easy.

We all have contractor horror stories… and believe me I have become jaded…but these guys have brought me back from the dark side. They’ve earned my respect and recommendation…and a place on the blog to show off their hard work.

Today it’s the Gutter King’s turn…they showed up and got right to work…

as Pat is fond of saying…”We may have to build a shrine !”