Shellfish wanted

Well, just the shells really.

Well, just scallop shells.

OK just small scallop shells.

Here’s the deal. I have made myself a vertical palette. This was inspired by David Kassan and all due credit will be given there when I have the time to do a more thorough post about his ideas. (He has developed and is currently selling his version of a vertical palette. I couldn’t wait for his production team so I experimented and made a couple of my own. The current one in use is pictured here…after two weeks of a particularly detailed painting.)

palette upright

Below is a detail of the tray with two medium receptacles.
Since I use such small amounts of liquin, fine detail and impasto, and since they dry out very quickly, I have found that the disposable cap lid is great for the heavier blob, and the refined scallop shell works great for the thinner stuff.
Most nights I remember to wipe out the shell and it is ready for the next morning’s dollop. But a lot of nights I forget and so it is a sticky mess the next day. After a few months of this the shell has built up a thick coating and today it was no longer able to function up.

I searched around and have a couple more shells, doesn’t the nice new clean one look spiffy here ?


But I know it will not last the winter, I could probably use one a month…so…I’m throwing down a request to my island pals.

When next you take a walk on the beach, or along the shoals, or out behind Larsen’s,would you please pick up a few shells for me. I used to find the best stash at that turnout on the right at the entrance to Sengy pond,  just after Harthaven.
The maximum width is 2 1/8″ to fit in my trough.
I suppose a clam shell would work as well.

It’s such a blessing to have island friends when you live in a landlocked state.
It takes a village,

Yours in puddles of medium,