Museums and Orchards…


A great article (click here to read) about the new Museum of Realist Art which is a project in the planning stages but gaining momentum towards the dream of a 2014 opening in East Boston. The founders, George Kougeas and Pamela Sienna, have been working hard to realize that dream and have been terrifically supportive of the artists they have already begun curating into the collection.

More than just offering a venue to showcase Realist art, they are building a dialogue amonst the artists though their support and promotion that is enhancing and enriching our community. I’m thrilled to be on their radar and doubly pleased to see that the Boston Globe included one of my new paintings…yes one which you saw here first only a few days ago…in the online article.   Camera Obscura

So, again…and again… many thanks to them.

And now… Orchards.

It’s time to unveil the anchor piece in the Apple Series paintings. Many of you were along for the ride when, this fall and winter, I was blogging as I slogged through the adventure of painting seven hundred fifty thousand apples. Ok, not literally but it sure felt like that at the end of each day. I have included those blog entries as the Painter’s Notes mostly because it reminds me that a little perserverance and a lot of whining can get you through even the toughtest of artistic challenges.

And now that it’s done and framed and ready to be put in the trailer… I am so glad that I chose to do it on a larger panel than originally planned. For me it’s all about Ted’s hand and that would have been completely lost in a smaller format.

Rumor has it that Debbie, the orchard owner, is planning to provide a little appley treat to accompany the painting at this sunday’s opening. Those planning to attend might want to arrive early to insure a taste of Tiasquin’s Finest.

For the rest of you… here is…

#16 – Tiasquin Orchard  34 x 60

Ok I can’t delay this any longer…it’s out to pack the trailer.

Be well…


Museum of Realism Art

Turning this old Boston Library building into a brand new Museum dedicated to Realist Art is the dream project of Co-Founders, Pamela Sienna and George Kougeas. They are well on the way to making this a reality and have just launched the website which is a virtual platform to provide a look at their progress and for the growing list of artists and artwork which they have curated into the museum as “Inaugural Associated Artists”.

I am honored to be included in this group and will be providing milestone updates so blog readers can follow along as this important new venue comes to life. Here’s a blurb from their site and a link to read and learn more about the museum and the artists…

Welcome to the future Museum of Realist Art in East Boston.

The Mission of the Museum of Realist Art: Create a world-class cultural destination in the neighborhood of East Boston by exhibiting and collecting well-crafted painting, drawing, photography and sculpture with a specific focus on realist and narrative art.

Our focus is on contemporary realism, illusionism, magic realism, surrealism and visionary realism.

A planning team is working with Co-Founders George Kougeas and Pamela Sienna to develop this non-profit museum. See examples of art and follow our progress on Facebook as we establish relationships with a selected group of ‘Inaugural Associated Artists’ that we will exhibit in a future physical museum in East Boston.

Musuem of Realist Art