Katie by the bay…

23 February 09

Now here’s the life…

Miss Katie, the future gallery owner,  in her shades soaking up the Florida rays and promoting the arts !


Love it K, but where are your knitting needles ?

There’s enough warmth in your smile to make  this blustery February day up north feel just a little bit better.

Shine on kiddo,


One thought on “Katie by the bay…

  1. Little girls……. (sorry Katie, but to me you are little until you are 21)……..one of my two most favorite things.
    And do you ever look good in that hat!

    My hat is also beginning to get around again. Now that I have forsaken the short hair that needs attention and have decided long hair pulled back in my Grandmother’s bun would be better around all of these facial wrinkles, the hat comes in handy to keep it hidden while it slowly and painfully grows…………..
    So, Katie, look for the old wrinkled grandmom in the hat on Heather’s blog and that will be me!

    Nice to meet you!