First sign of spring

10 March 09

It’s a grey morning and, as Russell used to say…they’ve been wanting rain for days now.

As I lumbered over to the studio this morning a flash of bright green caught my eye…


‘Neath the layer of winter wind blown leaves and frost heaved clamshells…


…the life affirming growth of the first baby chives.

This always catches me off guard…and is a delicious tonic which jump starts my soul…and my taste buds…


So what signs of spring are growing in your gardens my friends ?

Yours in compost,


5 thoughts on “First sign of spring

  1. We have crocus up that we just noticed Sunday and the tips of the iris leaves. Then today we saw a robin in the yard. Now we need warmth. And I’m putting in a request for nothing over 90 and no humidity. We are so ready to open the pool! I want to see our buff neighbor in her swim suit!!!!!! Just a reminder, you two have a season pass. Love you guys

  2. Well, the ticks are awake and out en masse…..
    does that count?
    Something is growing by the driveway door that I cannot identify…………
    Yes, Spring is sneaking up on us 🙂 🙂 🙂
    And, yes! I saw my first robin today !

  3. Eat your hearts out, northern neighbors. Our bulbs, cherries and B.Pears are blooming their little hearts out and spring fever has me giving up the indoor chores to clean and wash vehicles which are an inch thick in winter grime…no need for fotos here.

  4. Oh you blossom dropper you ! It’s back to being cold here today…but the sun is working overtime to lighten our moods. Dreaming of little paw prints in the easter grasses.