Meeting the Pack

Yesterday was the best.

Finnegan got to meet some of her pack members for the first time and she had a blast. Saren brought Margie, the lab who survived her breeding years to be rescued by the most conscientious dog owner I know and now she is living the life of Riley getting to see the best of the rest of the world…and Susan brought her loyal pal Tag who is, as we all are, missing his big sister Emma but he is now carrying the cloak of her gentle confident manner and was the perfect gentlemen.


Both were wondeful with the squirrelly little puppy and Finnegan was eager to greet everyone and kept right up with the big dogs.





All that excitement…AND her first puppy class…made for a very tired pup at the end of the day.

Today it’s all business and, with our morning rituals finished…like waiting to play with Jed at the fence…


and filling the bird feeders…


and taking up her post as sentry at the studio door…



My apprentice is giving me the freckly eyeball…so it’s time for some serious painting…


Next post will show some progress from the easel… I promise !


One thought on “Meeting the Pack

  1. Maureen pointed out that “sentry 1” looks just like it is a painting of yours. Must be the combination of clutter & raking light…it’s a great picture.