Painting Finished !!!… and Finnegan’s fence progresses

’tis DONE !!! … though I’m going to have to wait for the photographer to do his magic in order to get a good reproduction, here is proof that the panel is off the easel and I am moving on…

off the easel

The last few days involved cleaning up the detail on the remaining boats and making sure all the shadows were correct, then glazing in several more layers of water and reflections.  Varnish will make a huge difference with a painting with this much contrast. The van dyke brown and olive green dark dry with a dull matte sheen and all subtleties within those dark areas are lost until the varnish pops them out. Imagine a beach rock which is transformed from a dull grey when first you pick  it up on a hot and dry summer beach…and then comes alive with color as you let an ocean wave wash over it.

With that major project completed…and before I begin the whirlwind effort to paint the rest of the works for the July show…I treated myself to a rare morning of carving. In the midst of the pile of sticks, which Finnegan and I have been collecting each morning for her fence, I found a honeysuckle branch that decided it would rather be a walking stick. The wood is wonderful to work with. A slow growing hardwood that  has a beautiful heartwood of purples and reds.  Finn worked on removing the bark while I whittled away at the knot holes and we created a right fine pile of shavings…

walking stick break

It does my soul good to spend a morning listening to the birds, watching my sweet puppy play with her new bone, and working with wood.

We’re making good progress on the fence as well but were up too early to start hammering so here are some shots of yesterday’s work…we were running out of fallen branches so decided to get some fresh meat and trim out the honeysuckle and take down a couple saplings that were too close to the power lines.

the proud apprentice

along the back

three sides up

After all that work…it was time for a break…

well deserved break

and then over to the fence to say hello to Jed and make sure Zola doesn’t miss her school bus !

zola and her pals

Now… back to work !

One thought on “Painting Finished !!!… and Finnegan’s fence progresses

  1. Wow – congratulations on finishing the painting…must feel great. Thanks for showing the step-by-step, can’t wait to see the painting all presented.
    nice fence too.