Calling all scholars and mystics…

I need some help interpreting two phenomenons that have puzzled me of late.

The first is straight forward… this cloud formation followed me all the way to the park a few days ago. It looked so much like calligraphy that I pulled over and sketched it in a notebook. Reproduced here via photoshop it is a fair representation …

sky writing

The second phenom is something that I started recognizing  months ago. Every time I would look at the clock it read 3:33 . Now, to clarify, I hardly ever look at a clock. And obviously there are only two times in any given day that that number can come up. But sure enough, my nightly bladder call was precisely at that hour…and I could have gotten up and looked at the clock at any stage in that journey to and from the throne but I  always seemed to catch 3:33.

Same thing in the afternoon. I’d stop painting and just randomly glance at the clock by the easel and there it was again. Not 3:34…or 5 but 3. When I think back now I remember that the first time that number came up it was on election day. I was number 333 in line to vote. Hmmmmm.

So …leap forward to almost a year later. The anomaly has blossomed. Now almost every time I look at any clock the time has all the same digits repeated. 5:55 comes up a lot, 11:11 is a fun one, I seem to catch 4:44 almost every day and so on.

No, I do not hang around waiting for the numbers to roll around. And no, I don’t pay any more attention to the time than usual. And Pat is completely done with me exclaiming, ” I don’t believe it…look…again !”  But I do feel, not unlike the sky writing, that there is some larger message from the beyond that I am supposed to be getting and am obviously not catching it on the whisper.

I have no clue if anyone  out there actually reads these blog entries but  I am curious to hear if anyone else finds these things… well…curious ?

3 thoughts on “Phenomenon

  1. Well. first of all, I read your blog every time I get on the computer so you’re not just writing for the sake of writing. I also enjoy reading whatever you write. Now for the cloud formation I have no clue what it means but when you find out I’m curious to know! It reminds me of crop writing!! And the numbers,.. well that’s just weird. As you are…I am also wondering what the hell is the meaning of that! So keep me informed. I’ll see you at the fence!!!!!

  2. Well I would like to know what you ate that morning before taking off with Finn for the park. I’ve seen lots of clouds in my day…..are you sure your glasses were clean? Shouldn’t you have been watching the road?
    As for the numbers, are these the ONLY times you look at the clock, or do you see other numbers in between the similar numbers? Perhaps you are possessed. Or an alien has inhabited your body. I guess that is redundant, huh? Or, like me right now, are you stressed, exhausted, and a little loopy? Yes, Heather, this is wierd. But, might as well have fun with it. Let us know when it stops. Maybe then we’ll know why it happened. You know now that I am going to have a clock thing of my own going on, don’t you?

  3. I saw 1:11 the other day, while cleaning up after the kids’ lunch. It’s a curse of digital clocks…watch out for license plates next…my favorite clock in the house has no numbers.

    Now, is there a painting coming? Like Demuth “The figure 5 in gold” perhaps…