Night Studio

It is deep cold winter now and when I leave the studio at night the furnace is turned low and I shut off every light except the string of tiny white lights that wind from the porch … along the picket fence…up over the garage … and down the path to light my way home.

When my eager apprentice wakes me in the early morning it is night black dark as we make our way to work and those lights are there to welcome us like hundreds of tiny muses.

This morning, like all the others, while waiting for me to get our breakfast ready, Finnegan went to get the paints out for the day’s palette … but she came running into the kitchen with a surprised look on her face.

…this is what she found…

Now I have always known that the muses have a keen sense of humor. And I have often come across evidence of “night play” in the studio. But this little tableaux shows some promise… and I may just see where this road takes us.

Stay tuned…. and stay warm.

One thought on “Night Studio

  1. Dear Heather,
    It has ben a while since I visited here and such a treat! As was Pat’s call yesterday. My oh my I feel your pain for your delightful apprentice, and it set me to thinking of the amazing animals who have learned to live AND ambulate with either prostheses or amputations, so I have sincere hope that your free spirited girl will overcome this frightening health stumble, with other successful treatment. It sounds like your work is transporting you to heights despite the worries of home and hearth and that is a joy for all of us. We here in Carol Woods are finding some humor and pleasure in every day, pretty much not projecting plans very far into the future. Todays pleasure for himself is sleeping till AFTER 11AM, when most other days his tugboat wife gets him up to get to meetings or aquasize at unearthly hours. Love to you and yours.