What does an artist do when a still life set up requires a subject that is…out of season ?

When the very name of the island that serves as the backdrop has the name Vineyard in it and… it is June ?

Well, she takes herself to the grocery store…or to her iphone.

Yep, who knew. Way back in April when this painting idea came to me  and I went to the new supermarket in search of props only to find that concord grapes are not among the items shipped in to our late winter township from some warmer climate on the other side of the globe. While wandering over to my favorite section…the cheese gazebo…I looked up and poof ! Concord grapes, complete with leaves ! Not exactly what I wanted but in a pinch… !

Now, in the middle of June, as I scramble to complete the paintings for the Granary Show, it is time to pull those photos from the camera roll on the trusty iphone and print them out as reference for the still life that sits before me.

You’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the finished result…but here’s a teaser…

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