New Works in Small Sizes

Gallery 1261 is about to open their Small Works show. It will be running from November 16th through December 31st…but I thought you might like a little preview…

A couple little sketches from the studio garden…

Green Bean Tea

Cadmium Harvest

And this one…Spent… which features Polly’s antique cigarettes and that ever faithful red pump…

I’ll be offline for a while…gotta go see a man about a new knee.
So, while I’m recovering…just talk amongst yourselves…and I’ll catch up with you just as soon as I’m able to manage the 50 ft. commute from log cabin to studio.

Stay frosty out there !

One thought on “New Works in Small Sizes

  1. “Spent” is the perfect name for that amazing painting! I love it!!! Looks like someone had a fantastic time!!
    Soon you’ll be jogging back and forth to the studio and taking Finn for long walks………..